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Our MetaTrader software is designed for Forex and Futures trading. MetaTrader allows traders to analyze financial markets, perform advanced trading operations, execute trading robots (TRADING ROBOTIC) and copy trades of other traders. We offer consulting services for entrepreneurs and investors seeking computerized trading that benefits from powerful algorithms.

In the future, the majority of all trades will be automated. In essence, companies that no longer rely purely on human agents to execute their trades will benefit from the reliability, performance and speed of automated trading systems.

Our goal is to create a level playing field for all firms-especially smaller firms and investors- by pushing and explaining software that will accelerate the transition to automated trade-based systems and ensure both short- and long-term profitability.


Welcome to Europe. Welcome to Cyprus. Welcome to the new age of investing.

Experienced experts are at your disposal with their knowledge in MB-TRADING ROBOTIC CONSULTING LTD Cyprus.

MB-TRADING LTD is a digital transformation consulting firm specializing in trading process automation software and algorithms. We help our clients to simplify their business processes and enable them to configure and implement automation with a high project success rate.

Our innovative and dedicated team pursues the goal of automating and thus simplifying the daily business of our customers in a timely manner by developing a new generation of trading software. We are constantly driven by the ever-changing challenges of the financial market.

Our products are designed for companies and investors to optimize their profit and reduce their work.

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MetaTrader Trading Platform

Our popular Forex and Futures Trading Software

MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 trading platforms are designed for Forex and Futures trading. MetaTrader allows traders to analyze financial markets, perform advanced trading operations, execute trading robots (TRADING ROBOTIC) and copy trades of other traders.
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Our innovative and dedicated team is at your disposal with advice and support. We will be happy to answer your questions on the subject of TRADING ROBOTIC.

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Trading Systems

The platform supports three trade execution modes, including instant execution, as well as 2 market, 4 pending and 2 stop orders and a trailing stop function.

Fast trading functions allow sending trade orders directly from the chart with one click. The integrated tick chart function provides an accurate method for determining entry and exit points.

MetaTrader's extensive functionality allows you to implement various trading strategies on the Forex market.

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Technical Analysis

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 The MetaTrader platform offers comprehensive analysis capabilities. Each symbol can be displayed in 9 time frames, allowing traders to see price dynamics in detail.

For the most comprehensive analysis of price dynamics, 30 built-in technical indicators and 24 chart objects are available. Combine these tools, identify trends, determine entry and exit points. MetaTrader's comprehensive analysis features allow you to thoroughly analyze market movements to determine the best time to trade.

Security and Convenience

MetaTrader platforms meet the highest security standards.

MetaTrader platforms meet the highest security standards. Data exchange between the client terminal and the platform servers is encrypted. The platform also supports the use of RSA digital signatures. You can be sure that your trading accounts are safely protected!

MetaTrader is equipped with an impressive set of advanced trading and analytical features. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily understand all the features and operating principles. You will only need a few minutes to get started with the platform. Moreover, we have created a detailed user manual that contains answers to your questions.

We have made MetaTrader simple and convenient so that you can continue to focus on successful trading!

Web trading with MetaTrader

Trade Forex directly from your browser

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Web-Trading Features

  • Trade directly from a browser

  • Compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux

  • Reliable data protection

  • All types of MetaTrader trading orders and execution modes

  • One Click Trading

  • 30 indicators and 24 graphical objects for technical analysis

  • 9 time frames from one minute to one month

  • Real-time quotes in Market Watch

  • History of trades

Trade Forex directly from your browser. With MetaTrader web platform you can trade from your favorite browser with just a few clicks. You can use any browser and any operating system. All you need is an internet connection.

With MetaTrader web version you can analyze currency rates and execute trades. Trading on the web platform is secure, while all transmitted information is safely encrypted.

MetaTrader Mobile Trading

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Trade Forex from your smartphone or tablet

MetaTrader mobile applications for iPhone/iPad and Android allow you to trade Forex anytime, anywhere. You can analyze the prices of various currency pairs and make trades even when you are on vacation.

MetaTrader mobile platform is your daily assistant and an irreplaceable working tool. Stay mobile, trade on the financial markets, access and analyze trading information 24/7 with MetaTrader applications for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Mobile Trading Advantages


Complete control over a trading account


Access anywhere and anytime

All order types

All MetaTrader order types and execution modes

Many charts

Bars, Japanese candlesticks and a dashed line

Many time frames

9 time frames: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN.

Extensive indicators

30 technical indicators

Diverse analysis

24 analytical objects

Financial market news

Receive market news directly

Free chat

For communication with other traders

Algorithmic Forex Trading with MetaTrader

Automated technical analysis and trading procedures. The automated trading functions of MetaTrader software allow trading with the help of trading robots (TRADING ROBOTIC). MetaTrader relieves you from routine trading and market analysis. Get the knowledge of MB-TRADING LTD experts for your profit.